Top 10 Reasons You Should Bet On The Betting Exchanges

Betting exchanges such as Betfair and Betdaq have revolutionized the way many punters now place their bets. The most obvious advantage of the Exchange Offer traditional street betting is the ability to paris on horses to lose his career, and the conventional practice of the security they deserve.

The pioneer in the exchange Betfair is Paris and currently operates the website most popular Internet sharing paris.

Essentially, Betfair brings together individual punters with different points of view, and cut the traditional bookmaker. All Paris on Betfair were there by users who either want to make a bet in the normal way (backing), or offer odds to other punters (pose) to be placed.

The Parisians are matched between people with different points of view.

When you “back” a selection (be it an individual, a team, horse, dog or other), you are betting that you will win. This is the same as with traditional bookmakers in Paris.

If “lay” the selection, you are betting to win against them. For example, if you bet on a market that team to win the Premiership and you put Manchester United, who offer odds to other punters want to back Man Utd. If Manchester United do not win, and then take the owner’s equity. If Manchester United win, you pay. This is what bookmakers traditionally do.

Here is the list of top ten reasons to join the revolution and harness trade.

1 The best opportunities. If you place a bet on the Paris Bourse, which are made with the bookies, who has always acted as an intermediary. As with any “middle man” another bookmaker has his court. Always has tried to build his “book” and to manipulate prices downward, so that whatever the outcome, will be a benefit. The bookmaker of the equation you usually get at Betfair rate above 20%, which means more profit.

2 Sit and. In the past, only win your bet if the chosen horse wins the race. Betfair also allows it to act as a bookmaker and a bet that a horse will not win the race. If the selection does not win, and then pick up!.

3 Negotiation for guaranteed profits. As trade in the financial markets – to trade in Paris, you can take advantage of changes in the price of a horse offer guaranteed benefits. Benefit regardless of the outcome of a race? Impossible you might think…. I’ll give an example to illustrate.

Imagine you have a horse at a price of 3/1 in a race. Do you think the price of this horse shortens as it is believed. They horse for part of £ 100.

The price of the horse falls to 2/1, just before the race starts, how many horse gamblers also new. You then have the horse for 134 EUR.

Now let’s examine how you can make a profit. There are only two outcomes for your horse – that is to win the race, or you will not win the race.

If you win, you win € 300 (£ 100 @ 3/1). However, you will pay your bet against – pay € 268 (£ 134 @ 2/1). Your profit is 300 € under 268 pounds is 32 euros.

If your horse loses, wins his bet lay and collect 134 euros. However, it will lose its assistance to win £ 100, and finish with £ 34 profit.

So you see, support the horse at a price and then ask for a lower price, we can guarantee a profit before the race even started!.

This process can also be done in reverse, that is, you can lose a bet on a horse, so if you can drive the price “lock” back to gain.

Learn more about trading on Betfair Bet Angel.

4 Select the odds are that you desire. Before the arrival of the bags from Paris, yes. Place a bet on a horse that you would have to take place the price offered by the bookmaker If you were offered the chance of a horse was 2/1, and you said you wanted 1:03’re the laughingstock of the store. Not so with Betfair. If you want the horse to 3/1, then you can send a request to the site, and if anyone wants to bet on this, then ask your bet will be matched.

5 betting operation. Betfair allows you to continue to bet on an event even after its inception. This feature provides a new experience in Paris, but not for the timid. As expected, the Paris market a horse race can change dramatically and quickly, is that horses are vying for a place in a five-furlong sprint in less than a minute! Pitting his judgment and opinion against other punters that the race takes place is very exciting but also risky. However, it is an experience that simply can not expect to match the traditional bookmaker,.

6 Never have your betting account closed. We all notice photocopied letters betting accounts closed seen. The truth is that if you are receiving a benefit from paris, your company is a commitment to a bookie. It’s just happy, so take your paris over time, it will take more money from you, returns. If you are in the other direction, which is what all the players are fighting for what has happened, the bookmaker always pull the proverbial rug out from under you. However, Betfair will not close your account. They charge a commission based on your income, when in fact, as long as you win, they still make money.

7 Betting with unlimited challenges. I remember many times in the past when I received word of a horse and I visited my local bookie to place a bet. When I asked for 500 € hasty in the horse 12/1 of the wizard behind the bar in the back to talk to the manager, and then again I say I’m a pathetic £ 20 @ 12 have / 1, but the rest should be the starting price (which, as we all know, is controlled by bookmakers). This is not the case in the trade. If you send a request to save his horse for 500 € up to 12/1 and someone else is willing to play at that price (or it could be a number of people who take their “full participation in the sale), then make your wager.

8 Located in a place to bet all your money. Most of us have at one time accounts open more than a bookmaker. We do this so we can choose which offers the best price to enjoy a certain horse., however, by spreading our bank of Paris through a series of accounts, is diluting the money – we are looking for a horse for £ 100 and we see that only £ 50 deposited in the bookmaker offering the best price. course we can funds between accounts, but retransmits disadvantaged. With all your money with an exchange of paris means you bet all its available resources, and indeed all his money to work for you.

9 Opt for a wide range of sports. Bets on trade is not limited to horse racing. As with the bookies, you can bet to a variety of sports, and a number of other markets elsewhere. Check out the site today and you could be in sports such as Australian football, ball (?) And Hockey betting. But also in the financial markets, politics and candidates betting on games like Big Brother can.

10th Place Paris 24 hours a day. How many times have you opened the Racing Post at 8:00 clock at the breakfast table and read about Pricewise bet of the day? Obviously you can bet local betting because your business does not open until 10:00. But think, well, I do a bet online – go to their website and it has not been priced up! With Betfair you can bet anytime. offers the best prices before you start putting on the same horse and the collapse of prices. Can publish all your bets before going to work, and the opportunities available, or name your price.

‘s free to open an account at Betfair and Betdaq, and both parties have a help section easy to follow, which is particularly useful to be familiar with the exchange of paris. Pay a visit to two sites available that compare the odds offered by the bookmakers, then you could place your next bet with another player.

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